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STUD 100 vs Other Sprays


We’re thrilled that everyone wants to copy our world-famous STUD 100 product, but we’re hardly surprised. Over the many years we have been impersonated, plagiarized and imitated by many companies selling sub-standard versions of our best-selling brand. Clearly, STUD 100 is a product worthy of attention.

Why consider the rest, when you can have the best?

STUD 100 has sold in over 60 countries around the world, and continues to sell at a competitive price.

Some reasons why STUD 100 is an optimum choice:

    • Five year shelf life 
    • Realistically priced
    • Discreet size can
    • Approximately 120 sprays per can
    • On the market for over 45 years with an outstanding history

STUD 100 is a pioneer and continues to offer legitimacy and quality.

Please Note: Genuine STUD 100 does not come from China. If you find STUD 100 selling at an extremely low price, beware – it may not be a legitimate medicine. Avoid unlicensed or counterfeit products.