STUD 100 is a trusted brand with over 50 years on the market and distributed around the world. Fake (counterfeit) versions of STUD 100 have been reported by consumers in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Counterfeit products (also known as falsified medicines) can be a health risk because they are not subject to the rigorous quality standards required of legitimate pharmaceutical product manufacturers and may include different or wrong ingredients, which have not been tested for safety and efficacy.  If you suspect the product you purchased is not genuine, we recommend and advise that you do not use the product.

Be sure the product you use is authentic. Shop smart!

Be cautious of product:
  • below-market prices
  • being shipped from outside the U.S.
  • with inferior quality can and packaging image
  • with black caps that do not close properly, and are therefore not child-resistant
  • with inaccurate company contact information
  • with inaccurate product details
  • that has been over-labelled
  • which is missing BN (batch number) and EXP (expiration date) on the can and box top
Review for current U.S. product images and packaging for comparison.

    If you have any doubt or suspect the legitimacy of the product, we can help you determine if it is genuine. Contact us and provide the following information:

    • photos of the box (all sides) and the can
    • BN (batch number) and EXP (expiration date)
    • location of residence and where you purchased the product
    • website link and/or receipt

    We take matters of counterfeit products/falsified medicines seriously. We continue to monitor and pursue action when we encounter counterfeit product.

    Note: If you have questions regarding STUD 100 with a gold cap, please email Pound International Limited at


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