Most commonly asked questions and answers

Q   How long has STUD 100 Male Genital Desensitizer been available?
A   For over 50 years.

Q   What is the active ingredient in STUD 100?
A   Lidocaine USP 9.6% w/w.

Q   Does STUD 100 require a prescription or medical consultation?
A   No, STUD 100 is available over-the-counter in many outlets, including pharmacies, adult stores, and online.

Q   How does STUD 100 work?
A   STUD 100 helps to temporarily slow down the onset of ejaculation by reducing sensitivity of the penis in advance of intercourse.

  Does STUD 100 meet FDA requirements for over-the-counter medicines?
A   Yes, STUD 100 meets the requirements outlined by the FDA’s Monograph on Male Genital Desensitizers.

Q   Is STUD 100 licensed in countries outside of the USA?
A   Yes, STUD 100 is registered in different countries around the world.

Q   How many sprays are contained in each can?
A   Approximately 120 metered pump sprays.

Q   What is the suggested number of sprays to use each time?
  Apply 3 or more sprays, not to exceed 10, to the head and shaft of the penis before intercourse, or use as directed by a doctor. The minimum effective dose should be used.    

Q   Can I use STUD 100 on other parts of my body?
A   No, STUD 100 should only be applied to the head and shaft of the penis and must always be used as directed.

Q  How do I open the cap on the can?
A  STUD 100 is fitted with a child-resistant cap - insert key or coin and twist to flip cap open.

Q   When should STUD 100 not be used?
A   Do not use STUD 100 if you or your partner are sensitive or allergic to Lidocaine or other local anesthetics, as well as any of the inactive ingredients. Do not use on broken or irritated skin, or if your partner is pregnant. If you have liver or kidney problems, consult your doctor before using this product. Discontinue use if a rash or irritation develops. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor. You can also visit our side-effects page for more information.

Q   Is STUD 100 safe for women?
A   STUD 100 is only indicated for use in men. Possible transfer of STUD 100 to the female partner could occur during intercourse. However, this is likely to be a very small amount and the amount of absorption of lidocaine, the active ingredient, is likely to be very low. Nevertheless, as a precaution, STUD 100 is not recommended for use by men with a female partner who is pregnant.

Q  What should I do if I think I’ve purchased a counterfeit can of STUD 100?
A  If you have any concerns over whether the STUD 100® (black cap) you have purchased is genuine, please CLICK HERE or contact us by email or telephone +1 971 255 1185. 


Always read the label/leaflet